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Good Vibes HERE

these teen quotes

Good Vibes HERE
#MiPequeñoPony  (en Piedra Libre)

“Están quienes olvidan sin decir adiós y quienes dicen adiós sin olvidar.”

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mas Simpsons aqui


The gays are on sale




Remember this? This is iconic

This is the best promotion she’s ever done let’s be quite honest

not just promotion but it really shows us that she knows 100% what everyone is saying about her and its almost inspiring seeing how strong she is about all of this

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April 16th, 2014: Chatting with NRJ about the artRAVE, her duet album with Tony Bennett, and the possibility of ARTPOP ACT II

“I wrote a lot of music for ARTPOP and I’ve been writing more as well. I have thought about putting out the second act and right now I’m just getting ready for the tour. It’s actually very different from what is on the first act, I think that’s why I say it will be ‘Act II’ because it’s a progression. It’s very important that when I put music out that you hear a really strong evolution because I’m changing every time. So, I’m hoping to put it out within the next year and I’m also very excited that me and Tony Bennett are putting out a jazz album called ‘Cheek to Cheek’ together this year.”

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Minimalistics: The Monster Ball Tour Outfits 

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Agotado de caminar, esta noche duermo como bebe! Una preciosura #Tandil :) (en Tandil)